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  In consideration of protection of mould stability, spillage of material, improving production efficiency and other factors ...
Product optimization
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More than a product optimization, we ensure the stability of moulds

In consideration of protection of mould stability, spillage of material, improving production efficiency and other factors, we will Optimize and design the customer's products.

Communicate effectively with customers

Communication with customers is an important link in the product design, from technical discussion to final version, We will work with customers to maintain timely and effective interaction and communication that think in the way customers are thinking,understand what they need to provide better manufacturing solutions for our customers.


Collect the information of similar products

Collect the information of similar plastic products from customer as comprehensive as possible, make sure the information about major function of plastic parts and coordination with competitors’ products which are systematic analyzed and arranged so that later work has more pertinency.


Feasibility evaluation of conceptual product & products' partial defect prediction

We establish the project group, In accordance with concept impression drawing you offer, we combine with years of the mould experience, and discuss product structure, consider the rationality of mould manufacturing, discovery the defect and problems due to product mix earlier.



Work out the best product optimized design scheme

Directo is aware of the potential risks of the project and responds quickly, we refer to the same type of products information we collect in earlier stage, and optimize the product structure to avoid the structural risk of plastic products, ensure the best mould indicators and creates more added value for you.


Dock with the mould engineering department

Product Engineers deliver the Customer requirements and final version to the mould engineers and discuss the difficulties about mold manufacturing, defining the manufacturing technology.

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